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<div class='tutlist'><div class='fc'>[[Meta Data Reference|Meta Data]]</div>
<div>[[What are my tables?]]</div>
<div class='tutlist'><div class='fc'>[[CREATE and DROP Operations]]</div>
<div>[[What are the columns of the BBC table?]]</div>
<div>[[CREATE a new table]]</div>
<div>[[Get the first 10 rows of the gisq.cia table.]]</div>
<div>[[DROP a table]]</div>
<div>[[Get the 11th to the 20th rows of the cia table - by population.]]</div>
<div>[[Composite primary key]]</div>
<div>[[What version of the software am I using?]]</div>
<div>[[CREATE a foreign key]]</div>
<div>[[What is the syntax to view structure of table?]]</div>
<div>[[CREATE a VIEW]]</div>
<div>[[How can you determine the primary key using SQL?]]</div>
<div>[[Autonumber fields]]</div>
<div>[[Return a sequential record count for all records returned]]</div>
<div>[[ALTER TABLE ... ADD COLUMN]]</div>
<div>[[ALTER TABLE ... DROP COLUMN]]</div>
<div>[[ALTER TABLE ... ADD constraint]]</div>
<div>[[CREATE TABLE problems: Invalid column name.]]</div>
<div>[[CREATE TABLE problems: Insufficient privileges.]]</div>
<div>[[CREATE TABLE problems: Table already exists.]]</div>
<div>[[DROP TABLE problems: Foreign key references.]]</div>
<div>[[CREATE TABLE problems: Foreign key references.]]</div>
<div>[[Rename column]]</div>

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